mountains peak where i meet you every morning.
cracks of light pour in to heal the cold in our hearts.
breathe in salvation and breathe out the burdens. i’m
glad you live on the other side sometimes. if you saw
what we look like now, you wouldn’t recognize what
you left behind.

reminders. the sheer vastness. the defining silence.
the untouched land remind us that this is a dream
within a dream. nothing more than a fiction to awake
from. that our restlessness, it tells us something.
that we belong to something bigger. that we belong to
someone greater.

that when we lie awake at 4 am, even 4 am is a lie.
and up there, where darkness begins. is the only truth.

if we could only remember.





the most
important feature
of a man
is how he would
your daughter

– m.h.                                                                                                                                              more poetry